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D.L.T. Specialty Valve & Controls Ltd. is a distributor for a wide range of high end products encompassing Pressure, Safety & Relief and Control Valves to Quarter-Turn, Mutli-Turn and Non-Return Valves. 

 The Company was formed in late 2005 with specific objectives in place to provide our customers with a single source solution for valve and actuation requirements. 

Founder and President, Les Towriss, has built a distingiushed career in the valve service industry. Many factors have contributed to this success but one that continues to rise above the rest.... the dedication to customer satisfaction.  

Our sincerest thanks to the many customers who have supported our new undertaking and welcome to the new customers who will be discovering the advantages of working with us. Our strengths are drawn from our employees. A combined total of 100  years experience in the valve sales and service industry has provided us with the foundation to understand, identify, source and deliver your valve and actuation requirements.  



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All market segments are important in their own right, but most important to us are all of our customers, large and small. We do not and will not discriminate by dollar value. Your needs, whatever they may be, are our lifeline to success.    



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