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For process applications that require high-performance measurement of pressure, temperature, flow, level and analytical variables, Invensys Foxboro and Foxboro-Eckardt Field Devices offer high accuracy, long-term stability and field-proven robustness in the toughest applications. Unlike other instrumentation, Foxboro products are shaped by more than 100 years of experience in industries such as chemicals, oil & gas, power generation, food, paper, mining and more. For the past 100-plus years, Foxboro products have been applied throughout millions of successful installations. Today, the tradition of quality and innovation continues with offerings that incorporate advanced diagnostics, open communication protocols and Field Device Tool (FDT) support.




Fluenta is the world leader in ultrasonic flare metering. With more than 1000 flare metering systems in operation worldwide, the Fluenta Flare Gas Meter is the most robust and accurate flare monitor available.

The Fluenta Flare Gas Meter is an essential tool for operators due to its ability to accurately track gases emitted through a flare stack, detect leaks during mass balance calculations, and provide accurate measurement across a wide range of flow rates.

With the unique design of non-intrusive sensors for all pipe diameters, the Fluenta Flare Gas Meter reduces maintenance costs and increases the lifetime of your investment. Fluenta’s years of experience and detailed application knowledge make it the meter of choice for the world’s most demanding emissions requirements.


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