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Remember when the customer really was number one?

Our goal is to conduct business in a manner consistent with practices that wins the customer's support and loyalty by treating them as real people.

The Valve World can be daunting at the best of times. Application, Selection, Sourcing & Documentation requirements all are time and cost burdens that affect the individual trying to source the right product for the job.

There are thousands of valve websites.......frustration in attempting to cut through the maze and identify your specific requirement can waste hours of your time.

D.L.T. Specialty Valves and Controls provides you the opportunity to deal with one source. Our expertise and experience allows us to identify your requirements, in many cases recommend a valve for the service, if required, and finally source it for you at a fair market price.

In addition to the lines we represent as an authorized distributor, we have access to hundreds of additional manufacturers on which we can draw for your specific requirement.

and remember......

Valves are our field of expertise, but our years of working in this industry has provided us with a solid background of piping and related materials. Give us a try on any material specifications or applications you may be having difficulty with. If we don't have the answer we have the contacts who do.



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